Mrs. Mkulima has just bought a 1 year calf in Nakuru, Kenya. She intends to transport it to her farm in Bungoma county to add to her stock of 5 dairy cows. She asks her son to look for a transporter to carry the animal.

Son can’t find a transporter willing to go that distance on short notice. Mrs, Mkulima is getting frustrating calls to come and fetch her animal from the seller in Nakuru because its occupying space and finishing his limited fodder and grass, an added expense for a sold animal.

Two weeks later, son finds Mr. Transpota who agrees to Kshs 26,000 to transport to Bungoma.

Mr. Transpota arrives at 5.30 next morning and loads the animal. By 6am they are heading to Bungoma. Oh Oh, Transpota’s Vehicle breaks down 22 km later. Its needs water in the radiator. After 20 minutes, they are on their way again. 26Km later the vehicle breaks down again needing more water.

This becomes the pattern of the day until 6.45 in the evening when they finally arrive in Eldoret. Transport laws say animals cannot be transported at night so they have to spend at a local police station. The animal is stressed and son I very angry. Mother keeps calling to see if they have arrived. Son has to go around in the night looking for feed for the animal, an expected expense. Meanwhile Mr. Transpota disappears to go get a drink at a local pub.

They finally leave Eldoret the next morning only to arrive in Bungoma at midday, a journey of 36 hrs.

Son swears never to hire another animal transporter with a funny vehicle like Mr. Komboa. What an experience. Mrs Mkulima is finally relived her animal has arrived though after an incredulous trip.

Son thinks there must a better solution to all this madness and conceived the idea of to save farmers a terrible experience like his. 

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